Embedded Systems Experts Nordic AB was founded in 1993 and started its business with delivering development tools such as emulators, compilers, programmers, evaluation card to the Electronic Industry.

During the years ESE has also developed custom designs such as instrument to measure three phase engines and make a profile to be able to recognise changes between service intervals, high voltage power protection device, radio modems for local communications between collection units, remote controlled devices that dry rooms that has been damaged by water.

ESE has now the pleasure to present a complete prototying line, from idea to a working prototype, we have all "in-house"
We are doing fast prototyping within days and have the power to get your development up to speed because of our small organisation.
For the prototyping work we are using State of the Art development platforms like Altium Designer as our in-house Schematic and PCB design program and a MC400 Pick & Place machine with built-in pasta and glue dispenser for fast prototyping. With this machine we can mount down to 0201 components and 30*30 BGA. To "bake" the card we use a reflow own BT300CP with profiling and logger so we can print out the temperature curve for each batch or card we do.

When it comes to production we work togheter with companies that can do large volume production and are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. All documentation and files are in the same format so they can use our files to be able to start the production when you are ready. We are following the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

We will also manufacture our own development cards that you can buy on-line here in the future. We can of course adjust referense designs from a Chipmanufacturer with "your" peripherals.

For furter contacts or infomation please contact info(at)


Looking forward doing business with you